Classical style in clothes


Will talk about eternal — about the classics, namely, the classical style in clothes. Because no matter how fashion changes, the classic always remains the same. Therefore, those who choose the classic style not in danger of looking old-fashioned.

classical style in clothes


What are the features of the classical style in clothes?

First of all, the strictness of silhouettes, simple cut, clean lines, minimalism. There is no place for bright, flashy colors, glitter, big accessories and jewelry. It is always a quality, thick fabric: pure wool, cashmere, heavy cotton, wool crepe. Prints with geometric patterns, cage, polka dot, paisley pattern.


The preferred colors: black, blue, dark blue, dark green, brown and white. For summer you can choose pastel and muted colors. Choosing clothes in a classic style, consider the features of your figure.


Who does it fit for classical style in clothes?

In the first place classic style suitable for girls with a classic psycho-type. These people are conservative, confident and restrained, prefer to look modestly but stylish. In clothing appreciate the practicality, functionality and quality. It is important for them that the thing was of quality fabric and served as long as possible. Feel uncomfortable in clothing too bright colors.


How to create a wardrobe in a classic style?

Jacket. A mandatory element of the wardrobe in a classic style is the jacket. It can be half-fitted or straight cut in the style of Coco Chanel. The length of the jacket should be selected based on the features of your figure. It can be a jacket, reaching to the beginning or middle of the thigh.


Cardigan. The next mandatory thing in a classic wardrobe is the cardigan. It can be made of wool or cotton.Cardigan can be  made of dense fabric. Slim long cardigan will help create a classic look with simple dresses. Cardigan with a belt at the waist will look great with classic skirts, pants, over blouses or shirts.


Vest. To create an elegant classical image, you will need a vest. Like the cardigan, it can be made of knitted or dense fabric. Today you can find many kinds of vest: vest-cardigan, waistcoat-bolero, vest-spencer, vest blouson.

Skirt. Initial length skirt for a classic style was to the ankles. But today to choose the skirt length is necessary, given its own particular shape. It can be just above or just below the knee and could reach mid-calf. When choosing skirts, you should prefer direct, free or slightly narrowed to the bottom. The best option for classic style is the pencil skirt and the skirt is A-line.

classical style in clothes

Pants. Pants must be classic style, straight leg with arrows. Sometimes, pants can be slightly narrowing to the bottom. Again, the style of pants you should choose for your body type.

classical style in clothes

Blouse. It’s hard to imagine a wardrobe without a classic blouse-shirts, with turndown collar and moderate neck. But today together with the classic suit is allowed to wear tank tops, turtlenecks, sweaters.

Dress. Dresses in a classic style have half-fitted or form-fitting silhouette, modest neckline. Dress should not be too slim cut figure. The length can be just below the knee or just above the knee. Sleeve dresses can be of different lengths, loose or tight. The fabric is thick, but for summer you can choose a lighter fabric. Perfect for the classic wardrobe of dresses, A-line, sheath dresses, straight dresses.

Outerwear. Choosing upper clothes, lovers of the classics should pay attention to the coat. In classic style it has free or half-fitted cut with a minimal amount of decor and finishes. Coat length can be up to the middle of the knee, and can reach up to the ankles. It is permissible to wear coat with belt (4-5 cm wide). The coat should be made of quality and thick fabric.

classical style in clothes

For those who prefer a jacket, fit classic length to mid-thigh. With minimal decor, with buttons or zipper. Good fit jacket from high quality leather.

Shoes. When choosing shoes can not do without the classic shoes – boats. They can be black or beige color, made of genuine leather, on stable heel. You can also choose elegant shoes low heel, which perfectly complement the classic image. Boots in classic style should choose from leather, with minimal decoration. The shape, the height of the heel depends on your features shape.

If you want to build your wardrobe in classic style, it is worth noting that today virtually impossible to meet someone who would dress strictly in this direction. This style involves the ensembles designed in one, maximum two colours, restraint and moderation. Admirers of the classical style in clothes risk making their look too boring. Therefore, they must skilfully use accessories.

Accessories for classic style

First of all, for classic style versatile accessory is the scarf. With this things you can every day to create a different and stylish looks. So for a classic style, it is recommended to have a few of these scarves in different colors and with different prints.

classical style in clothes

When choosing scarves and shawls, you should also stick to the classic style. This means that not allowed too bright colors, an abundance of decoration. For classic style will suit shawls and scarves with geometric patterns, cage prints, paisley pattern. Choose colors that match your color type. Then your looks will be harmonious.


Jewelry in classic style – gold, silver, white gold. For everyday looks, perfect pearls.

Do not forget that jewelry should not be too much. In a classic style must not neglect this rule. One chain with pearls or a bracelet. And that will be enough for one look. If you like jewelry sets, do not just wear the whole thing. Choose a set of jewelry one or two elements. Next time you can choose some other element.

Choosing a classic style in clothes and choosing the right accessories, you will always look elegant, and impeccably stylish!


With best wishes, stylist-imagemaker, Darya Yantsinova

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