Romantic style in clothes

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Continuing the conversation about styles in clothes let’s look at the romantic style. This style is one of the most feminine and interesting. Despite the one common goal all looks in this style (to emphasize the femininity, tenderness and fragility), they may still be very different from each other.

Romantic style in clothes

What are the features of romantic style in clothes?

Romantic style appeared in the era of romanticism, in the 19th century, from which it takes its name. At the time, were in fashion dresses with accentuated waist line and fluffy skirt to the floor.

Romantic style in clothes

Romantic style means lace, ruffles, draping, ruffles, an abundance of decoration in the form of embroidery, flounces, bows. Silhouettes can be free and half-fitted slightly accentuating the figure, but not skinny, often emphasizes the waistline with belts. Selected light fabric, flying, flowing, soft. Preference is given to silk, chiffon, rayon, batiste, crepe-de -chine, jersey, satin, velvet.

Prints in the romantic style can be in the form of flowers, paisley pattern, small checks, polka dots, speckles.


Traditionally this style is characterized by light, soft pastel colors. Romance can not tolerate too bright colors: bright red, yellow, orange. But choose clothes in the romantic style is best based on your color type. Before you choose this style, you need to make sure that it fits you.


Who does it fit for romantic style in clothes?

Of course, for romantic natures. This style will appeal to creative people: writers, musicians, artists.They can not tolerate any restrictions on freedom, they like yourself to manage your time. Therefore, usually, these people have a business or creative work. People who love romantic style, are open and sociable, they like movies and cinema, old photos. They of course have a hobby. It can be dancing, embroidering or knitting, visiting theatre Studio, and more.

Romantic style in clothes

Romantic style perfect for owners of a feminine figure with rounded shapes, small waist. These people have gentle facial features, often large and expressive eyes. This style is absolutely not fit too full of ladies.

Romantic style in clothes

How to create a wardrobe in the romantic style?

Admirers of the romantic style of clothing is important to observe moderation and not to overdo it with ruffles and lace. Otherwise you risk to turn into a funny doll. Therefore, in order to observe a certain balance in your looks, using classical things.

For such purpose you can use the jacket. It may be less stringent in the romantic style. The silhouette is fitted, half-fitted or straight. The jacket can be buttoned or belted.

Blouse. Blouse in a romantic style can be easy with lace trim, frill, embroidery, bows. Of course, all of this decor should not be present on one blouse at the same time :) For a romantic person perfect blouse with a smell that will emphasize the slender waist.

Skirts and pants. Skirts and pants should be loose-fitting, creating a light, flying silhouettes. This is achievable by using lightweight fabrics. In winter you can choose thick fabric and free tailoring, to create flowing folds.

Romantics can choose a skirt with lace’s decor trim or completely covered with lace. They can be of different lengths. Look great skirts of light fabric, the skirt is A-line, skirt-the sun and polusolntse, flared skirts, skirts with pleats and ruffles, pleated skirt.

Pants must be loose-fitting. Will look good trousers, flared from the hip. Can be decoration of embroidery, wide belts, if the shape type allows.

Dresses. As a rule, the admirers of the romantic style have a lot of dresses. For the dress in the style of this area characterized by the presence of ruched ruffles, bows, lace trims. It’s always delicate floral prints, polka dots or polka dots. The length can be just above the knee and the floor.

Romantic style in clothes

Silhouettes of flying, free or well emphasize the waistline. It can be Empire style dress in the Greek style with a high waist. The main task of the dresses in this style direction to emphasize the femininity and fragility of the figure.

Knitted things. In the wardrobe in the romantics should be a place for knitted sweaters and light sweaters, cardigans. With these things you will be able to create many different and interesting stylish romantic looks.


Cardigans for romantic style.


Outerwear. Outerwear for the romantics can be coat with belt, possibly, slightly flared with rounded decorative accents. Will also fit classic coat with half-fitted



Shoes. For looks in a romantic style will suit stilettos, pumps and ballet flats. The heel can be high, medium or low. Must-have classic pumps. Shoes can be decorated with bows, embroidery, lace trim. A favorite material of the shoe for the romantics considered suede. So in their wardrobe you can always find many shoes and boots from suede.


Accessories in romantic style

This style is characterized by the presence of many accessories. This can be scarves, stoles, shawls, costume jewelry and jewelry, hair accessories, bags and clutches. Skillful use of accessories help to Express individuality, to be different and stylish.

Scarves in a romantic style with delicate and soft colors and prints which have already been mentioned. Accessories should be chosen based on your color scheme appropriate for your color type.

Choose an elegant jewelry, not too big, but noticeable. Suitable nacreous pearls, thin chain of gold and silver. Shape decoration can be round, in the form of bows or drops. The most ideal jewelry by Swarovski.

Choose handbag medium or small sizes. It can be decorated with beads or lace. Good fit and classic bags, but not rough shapes and textures.

Hats for romantic style: knitted hats, soft berets, felt hats.


Be sure to remember to avoid overkill. If you put on a blouse with decoration in the form of lace, the bottom of your look should be restrained and uncluttered. It can be straight cut pants or skirt without decoration and finishes. But you should avoid overkill and decoration, not to become similar to a Christmas tree. Remember that romantic image should be gentle and graceful.


And so can look like romance in bright colors:


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