Style Gamin in clothes

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Let’s talk about style Gamin quite the opposite of dramatic style. This is a cute, romantic, feminine style. And not even just the style of clothing, but a lifestyle and way of thinking. It is a certain type of appearance, seeing that you’ll know – before you Gamin! I will start with the description of this type.

 Style Gamin in clothes

Who are the ideal style Gamin in clothes?

Translated from the French gamine means naughty girl. Seeing a representative of this style, you will need to guess how old she is, because outwardly she always looks 25, even if she’s over 40 ;)

It is a fragile, charming, petite and very girly girl, confident, with strong character. Such she remains till the old age. She is always kind and courteous with others, loves nature and animals. Gamin often energetic and leads an active lifestyle, so prefers to dress in comfort.

Style Gamin in clothes

Girls have Gamin with fine bone structure, not prone to weight gain. Their figure can be something to remind boyish, but very feminine. This slim, fun girl with expressive and innocent eyes, a sort of childlike charm. Unlike the fiery glance of the drama, look girls Gamin rather naive and sincere. Her secret attractiveness in the charm and good manners.

You will not find it any signs of vulgarity, will not face indecent behavior. Even the mini-skirt and a deep neckline will not be able to make her look geeky in the eyes of others.

A trendsetter of style Gamin can rightly be called the incomparable Audrey Hepburn. Her name has become synonymous with elegance, femininity, refinement and nobility. She was the complete opposite of Marilyn Monroe, and her figure did not meet the standards of that era: slim, slim brunette with a boyish figure, while were in fashion curvy shape. But despite this, she became a style icon and muse of many designers.

Style Gamin in clothes

The main characteristics of the style Gamin in clothes

The small size, elegance, lightness, fragility, youthfulness, femininity. Gamin combines simplicity and elegance. It’s simple lines and simple cut. Elegant details: small pointed or rounded collar, small bags, hats, miniature and low-key jewelry.

Clothes depend on the type of the shape. Silhouettes can be straight and half-fitted. If there is well-pronounced waist, it is also possible to emphasize. Not suitable wear loose-fitting, baggy, figure-concealing.

The fabric for style Gamin: easy, medium texture. Thick fabric will be heavy for fragile figures. Best suited thick cotton, denim, lightweight wool, jersey, linen, silk.

Prints: for a petite figure choose prints of small and medium scale. It’s a small cage, floral print, thin stripes, small abstract paintings and polka dots. Large and bulky figures are not suitable for the representatives of Gamin style.

Color: mostly pastel, bright.

What should be in the wardrobe of girls Gamin?

Of course, first of all the basic things of her color palette. In the wardrobe must be blouses of pastel tones with sharp or rounded collars, blouses with lace or ruffles, floral prints, a cage or a strip.

Vest and things in maritime style.

Style Gamin in clothes

If you fit the style Gamin, you just can’t do without cozy cashmere sweaters in pastel colors.

To create an interesting kit you will be able with the help of jeans or skirt. The length of the skirt can be mini or below the knee.If you are taller, you can wear long skirts, but, as a rule, for the figure Gavroche they are too heavy. Also, when choosing a skirt, consider your age. So, mini-skirts can make an image inappropriate.

The fit of the skirt from flying material: chiffon, silk, lace.

Cardigans, sweaters and blazers will also find application in the images for Gamin.

Pants skinny or flared from the hips as well as breeches and capri.

Don’t forget about jeans. They can be black or dark blue.

Style Gamin in clothes

Cropped jackets, vests and jackets. Jacket in the style of Gamin should be to the thigh.

Dresses A-line, tiny black dresses (if you fit black color), baby Doll dresses (if desired), tunics. Dress, decorated with cute bows or elegant decorations.

From outer clothing — cloaks and coats loose-fitting belt.

Shoes: ballet flats, shoes and sandals with low heels, court shoes to elegant heels in pastel colours.

Accessories for Gamin

Jewelry should be discreet, graceful and petite. Their should not be much. This different bows, ornaments in the shape of flowers (earrings, rings, brooches). Thin chain, small elegant bracelets. All the decorations look cute and add charm to the image. Jewelry of gold and silver. The stones in the jewelry are always small.

Actively used hair accessories: thin headbands with flowers, hair clips, headbands and elastics. A good fit little felt hats with flowers and bows and hats from the sun, berets.

Bags for girls Gamin  preferably small or medium size. The less the better. They can be decorated in flowers, bows, butterflies, pendants. For an evening out, use the small evening bag, but in everyday life the classical models.

Thin belts, scarves with elegant and sweet prints are suitable for Gamin.

Style Gamin can be comfortable, sporty and boyish or maybe — very feminine and elegant. For women the average age of Gavroche is better to choose elegant tailoring, simple models, stick to the classics and pastel tones.

If you have any difficulty in defining personal style, sign up for a consultation with the stylist in Ufa or online.


Best regards, stylist-imagemaker Darya Yantsinova.

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